Step 1:  Locate your battery's button

Step 2:  Press button 5 times quickly

Step 3:  Press and hold button.  If button lights up, battery is on.  If button stays dark, battery is off.

Pressing your battery 5 times quickly will turn it on and off.

After clicking the button 5 times quickly, pressing and holding the button will let you know if the battery is on or off.  If the battery is off and you press the button, the light will stay dark.  If it is on, it will light up.


We highly recommend that you turn your battery off after every use.  Storing your battery turned off will maximize the length of time your battery will hold a charge and it will minimize the risks of keeping a battery in your pocket.


Never put a battery connected to a cartridge in your pocket.  If the battery is on and connected to a cartridge, being in your pocket may activate the battery, heat the head and cause burns.  It may also cause oils to leak out of the cartridge.

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