If you are new to Cannabis and/or Hemp oil vaping, welcome!  We think you will find vaping, with PurToke vape systems, a very satisfying method of consuming Cannabis and/or Hemp oils.

Vaping, like all other methods of consumption, requires just a little bit of knowledge and skill to get the most out of it.   Here are a few things we think you should know:

  1. How to charge your battery: Keeping your battery properly charged is key to vaping experience.  Simply screw your battery into your charger and plug it into any USB port or charger.  The charger light will be red while charging and green when fully charged (click here for complete charging instructions).
  2. How to turn your battery on and off:  Clicking the battery button 5 times quickly will turn your battery on or off.  When it is on, if you press the button, it will light, if it is off, it will not (click here for further details on turning your battery on and off) .
  3. How to attach a Cartridge:  Once you have a properly charged battery, simply screw your cartridge on to it, making sure that it is just snug (click here for complete details on attaching your cartridge).
  4. How to Vape: (1) with your battery on, place the mouthpiece of the cartridge to your mouth; (2) Press and hold the button while drawing through the mouthpiece.  Keep your vape pen straight up and down, the way your would drink from a straw.  The longer and stronger you draw on the pen, the more vapor you will pull through the mouthpiece. (3) let go of the button after each draw (click here for more information on best vaping technique).
  5. How to put everything away when you're finished: When you have completed a vape session (1) turn off your battery; (2) unscrew your cartridge; (3) put your battery and cartridge in your PurToke Vape Pouch; and (4) store your vape pouch with the Tag at the Top (click here for more storage information).

Those are the basics!  Please feel free to explore the rest of the information available on the site.  Also, should you ever have any issues or problems while using PurToke hardware, this is your first stop for getting it resolved.  Our Troubleshooting pages will help you fix any common issue and/or help you get a replacement if needed.

Thanks for stopping by!  We look forward to serving you!

Please always remember to vape responsibly!