Only use a Purtoke charger to charge your PurToke battery.  PurToke chargers have been designed specifically to work with PurToke batteries.  Using a different charger could damage or destroy your battery.

To charge your battery,

  1. Unscrew and remove any attached cartridge
  2. Screw the battery onto your PurToke charger
  3. Plug the combined unit into any USB port or charger.  Please make sure that while charging your battery and charger are not near any flammable material.
  4. When you first plug it in, the battery should flash red once and the charger light will turn red.
  5. Wait until charger light turns green.
  6. Unplug charger from USB port
  7. Unscrew charger from battery
  8. Make sure battery is off (Click here for instructions on how to turn your battery on or off)
  9. Return battery and charger to PurToke Vape Pouch