It is really important that you have a fully charged battery in your hand before you do any cartridge troubleshooting.

If you have a PurToke brand battery and just need instructions on how to properly fully charge it, please click here.

If you do not have a PurToke brand battery it is very important that you have a battery that is designed for use with hemp or cannabis oil vape cartridges.  Batteries designed for other uses may overpower and damage your cartridges.  They may even be dangerous to your personal safety.   We highly recommend using PurToke brand batteries with PurToke brand cartridges as the two have been designed to work together as a system.  If you would like to purchase a PurToke battery, complete with Vape Pouch and charger, please click here to review our current selection.

If you have a battery designed for hemp or cannabis oil vape cartridges, please make sure it's output is between 2.5 to 5 volts.  Ideally, it should be in the 3.2 to 3.7 range.  If you are not sure of your battery's voltage output, do not use with it PurToke brand vape cartridges.  You will only risk damage to yourself and the cartridge.

If your battery is within the specified voltage range, please follow the manufacturer's instructions for recharging it and make sure it is completely charged before proceeding.  Once you have a fully charged battery within the specified voltage, click here to proceed.