Best vaping technique:

  1. Keep your combined vape cartridge and battery upright while using.  The vape chamber is gravity fed so keeping everything straight up and down will keep oil flowing into the chamber.  Think "Like a straw, not a cigarette" (see figure 1)
  2. The stronger and longer you draw, the more vapor you will inhale.  Use how strong and how long you draw to regulate the amount of vapor in each inhalation.  You may notice that after a few moments your battery will blink and shut off while you are holding the button down.  This is to help you keep from overheating your vape chamber.
  3. Don't overheat your vape chamber.  If your battery or cartridge start to feel warm (see figure 2) then pause vaping until this area cools back down.
  4. Store your vape cartridges at room to body temperature.  Overheating your cartridge, like by leaving it in your car (ahem!) or under a light or... you get the idea, can cause your cartridge to leak out or it can damage and reduce the quality of your oil.  Hemp and cannabis oils are delicate, please treat them kindly.
Figure 1
Figure 1