Please read this before filling out the form

For 90 days from the date of purchase of your PurToke Battery and Charger, if, in the "Normal Course of Use" (defined below), your Battery and/or Charger, stop working, PurToke will replace them for you.  The "Normal Course of Use" is defined as having been used with a standard of care appropriate for fragile electronics and solely for the purpose and with the parts and accessories for which they were designed, namely, vaping with PurToke cartridges and being stored in a PurToke Vape Pouch.

If it is past 90 days and you would like to purchase a new PurToke Battery and Charger, click here to choose from currently available models.

In order to receive a replacement, you must:

  1. Go through and complete the battery/charger troubleshooting process.  If we are able to make your battery/charger work using the troubleshooting process, we will not replace your battery and/or charger (click here to complete the Battery/Charger troubleshooting);
  2. fill out the Return Authorization Form below;
  3. place the battery AND charger (regardless of which you are requesting be replaced) in packaging suitable for shipping it to us (PurToke will not be responsible for items damaged in shipping to it);
  4. include, a printed copy of your proof of purchase clearly showing the date of purchase (if you purchased your battery and charger from us directly, please print out the purchase confirmation email you received from us at the time of your order);
  5. print out and include the Return Authorization Email you receive from us;
  6. Ship your package, postage paid, including the proof of purchase and return authorization email, to: PurToke Returns - 3440 Youngfield St, Suite 166 - Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Once we have received your package, it is complete and we are able to reasonably verify that the Battery and Charger failed in the Normal Course of Use, we will ship you a postage paid, replacement.